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What is KFLL?

The Kansas Fraternity Landlords’ League, Inc. (KFLL) — formed in 2015 as an independent, nonprofit business league — represents landlords of 10 KU fraternity houses, which are home to 1,000 students and boast more than 13,000 living alumni. KFLL is comprised of the house corporation entities that lease residences to their fraternities.

Part of KFLL’s mission is to help ensure the continued success of these houses, considering that the cumulative real estate value of the 10 houses is an estimated $35.7 million (based on assessed valuations and market appraisals). KFLL offers support by:
• Strengthening members’ business and operational procedures.
• Establishing best practices.
• Identifying/suggesting standards that result in the greatest opportunity for its members’ personal development and academic success.

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